Monday, 20 November 2017

Book Characters!

Last Friday we had some fabulously dressed students for our Book Character Mufti  Day on Friday.

For those students that missed out, we might have another one fingers crossed! 

Here are the students outfits and the characters they dressed up as. 

Darcy as Alice ( Alice in Wonderland) 

Chandiz as Snow White ( Snow white and the seven dwarfs) 

Gabbi as Ruby the Red Fairy ( Rainbow Magic) 
Dana as Dorthy ( Wizard of Oz) 

Olivia as Tinkerbell ( Peter Pan) 

Lexi as Cheshire Cat( Alice in Wonderland) 

George as Goku ( Dragon Ball Z) 

Jason as Harry Potter ( Harry Potter series) 

Ashley as a Ninja 

Miss Hollis(Wonder Woman comics) 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Term 4, Week 6

Good evening, 

Swimming is Monday and Thursday this week. 

AHUREI: Ahurei is this Friday. Students  involved ( Rebecca, Billy, Ashleigh and Jet) will be taken from school to the venue at 12.30. 

Week 6 Summary:  

Monday 20th November
9- 10am Ahurei practice 
2.30 - 3.00pm Swimming 

Tuesday 21st November
9- 10am Ahurei practice 

Wednesday 22nd November
Ahurei tickets will be issued in envelopes today

Thursday 23rd November
2.30pm - 3.00pm Swimming 

Friday 24th November 
7.30 pm Ahurei Performance - ( Students to meet at 12.30pm meet in Room 3 with shoes on and lunchboxes ready to go) 

Hope everyone  has a restful nights sleep, 
I will see you tomorrow

Miss Hollis 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Science Lesson!

We had a fun filled science afternoon with a science lesson.

We were learning the skills to: Observe, Notice , Wonder, Experiment, record results and discuss through out the process.

We were using marbles and ramps.

Some great learning and thinking occurred.

Whaia Barker demonstrating  how to  observe  the ramp.

Olivia and Caoimhe experimenting with the marble and ramp.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Dress Up this Friday!

Just a reminder this Friday we are having a MUFTI DAY

The theme for the Mufti Day is ’dress up as a book character’. 
The money raised from the mufti day will go towards supporting New Zealand’s Largest Christmas Party For Special Children.

 We ask children to bring a gold coin.

Here are some ideas f characters  if you are stuck: 

Hermione Granger ( Harry potter) '
Alice ( Alice in Wonderland) 
Sophie Hatter ( Howl's moving castle) 
Matilda ( Matilda) 
Mary Darling ( Peter Pan) 
Anne ( Anne of Green Gables) 
Thea Stilton 
Princess Pearl (Zog) 
Fern ( Charlotte's Web) 

Harry Potter ( Harry Potter series) 
Ron Weasley ( Harry Potter series) 
Percy Jackson 
Geronimo Stilton
Peter Pan
Jim Hawkins ( Treasure Island) 
Alex Rider 
Fantastic Mr Fox

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Term 4, Week 5

Good evening, 

Here is what we have coming up next week ( Week 5) 

No swimming this week. 

Just an update about the Ahurei which will take place at the Harvest Centre (Malfroy Road, near the Netball Courts) on Friday the 24th of November at 7.30 pm.


9.00 am Kapa Haka Practice in the Hall

9.00 am Kapa Haka Practice in the Hall

9.00 am Kapa Kapa Haka Practice
11.00 am Pasifika Practice

1.30 pm Kapa haka Seniors. 2.30 pm Middle and Junior Performing group to join

FRIDAY 17TH NOVEMBER - Young Vinnies Mufti Day ( $ Gold coin donation) .
9.00 am Kapa Haka Practice in the Hall
9.45 am Junior Kapa Haka Practice
11.00 am Scion trip for Enrichment class.
2.05 pm Assembly. Pasifika Group

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Term 4, Week 4

Good afternoon everyone, 

We had a fantastic week last week. 
Thank you to all of the wonderful parents who turned up for student led conferences. The students loved  sharing their personal goals and learning with you. 

Unfortunately athletics day  on Friday was  postponed due to bad weather but it is now on Thursday 9th November. 

We have a very busy week coming up. 

1) Swimming every day except Thursday & Friday.
2) Athletics is on Thursday.
3) Grandparents day is Friday (Shared morning Tea)

Any questions you may have please come and see me.

Full schedule is below: 

10.00am Swimming

10.00am Swimming

Middle Go4It
10.00am Swimming

 Drop off at the Stadium.

FRIDAY 10TH NOVEMBER. (Grandparents/Friends Day)
9.00am Mass
10:00 Back to classes to show visitors around and shared morning tea in classes. Classes to provide.
( **Please bring a plate of food to share on Friday for visitors)
10:30 Cuppa provided by PTA-Hall if wet or outside hall if not.
11:00 Miniconcert begins (5-10 mins per group)
Outside on stage if fine, otherwise in the hall.
12:30 Visitors free to roam or go home.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

FRIDAY Sausage Order happens TOMORROW!

Good afternoon,

Just a reminder that if you want your child to receive a SAUSAGE  sizzle or juicy this  FRIDAY for lunch at the stadium (Athletics) PLEASE give students the money to order it TOMORROW.

Friday morning will be too late 😢

Hopeful all of  get the message tonight.